Friday, May 18, 2007

Today's the day

As I type this, I am at the community sale. I can't believe I'm up and functioning this early. I've had my jumbo coffee and "everything" bagel, and I'm now sipping on my diet soda.

I kinda like the quiet that 7:40 in the morning brings. There are some doves cooing nearby.

I've got my samples out here and ready to go. There isn't a lot I've brought...I could have sworn I had more. I'll look for more tonight, and put them out tomorrow.

Everything is 50% off. That means for many items I'm asking for less than what the supplies cost me, but having these samples hanging in my sewing studio closet isn't making me any money either. I would really rather not donate them to the local thrift store either. They could benefit from the donation, but so could the family income. :-)

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day. Enjoy yours, and be blessed today!

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