Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm at "that" age now

I took the kidlets and myself in for BTS eye exams. Three of us already wore glasses, but now my youngest needs them too. Hubby has still escaped the four-eyes dilema.

Anywho...during my exam the doctor said I should be wearing bifocals. She said that ladies like us were at that age now. I feigned indignance and said regular specs would be fine.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. Anxiously awaited until the morning to put them on with fresh, well-rested eyes. My vision was a bit fuzzy, but figured I'd get used to them. By 2PM today, I took them off and put my old pair back on. I had stumbled, got dizzy, and swooned many times before I finally gave up.

I'm bringing them back in tomorrow for some no-line bifocal lenses. It bites when reality hits.

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