Friday, February 8, 2008

Why has this become acceptable?

I just read an entry on a blog where they were discussing embarrasing things children say. Most were freakin' hilarious, but I have to admit some bothered me quite a bit.

Speaking as a mom of three - 12, 16, & 16 - I have some experience with this. My kids have said and done many funny and embarrasing things. However, I can't ever recall a time when they pointed out a person's disability or excessive weight in a negative or derogitory way. I can't say the same for many of the moms on the blog I visited. What shocked me even more is that the moms admitted to finding the negative comments funny. Or at least they must have because they admitted to laughing at their child's comment(s).

I don't know about any of the moms that visit here, but I have always told my children to not talk about people with excessive weight or a visible disability. My mom did this with me and my sister also.

I've taught them to not stare at people who are different than them or the people in their lives. I've taught them not to make comments (any) about their appearance. If they have a question about someone, they could say to me "Mommy, I have a question" and I would address it when we were out of ear-shot.

I'm all about children checking out their surroundings and noticing that everyone is different. What I have a hard time understanding is why a parent laughs or participates when their child is inappropriate with another human being. I know little one's don't always understand the right and wrong things to say, but momma sure does and momma certainly can set an example by not responding inappropriately.

Just my two cents.

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Tracy said...

Add couple of bucks for me too. I'm with you sister!!!

And I think what is passed off as "comedy" in many movies and on TV is appalling. I was beginning to think I was becoming an old fuddy duddy and not "hip" with what was funny anymore, but my kids don't find the humor that is supposed to be there either.....phweeeee

Take prie in yourself and your're good people! :o)