Saturday, August 9, 2008

I HAVE to go see her

Who am I speaking of? Her.

I am not one to beg. It just doesn't seem to become me. I don't make it look good. However, I decided to have a huge sale in my Etsy shop so I can afford to see this beautiful being before she leaves our presence. Unfortunately, it's not a car drive away. She is special beyond words.

Her father passed away when she was still basically a child from an injury at work. His mother (Melanie and my grandmother) passed on eight years ago. Melanie's still-newlywed-husband chose the easy way out, and left her right before Christmas this past year. I know God knew what He was doing then because he probably would have been no good to her now that she is sick and needing all the support she can get. I don't think he even knows yet.

The terrifying thing is that just a few short weeks ago I was going through my own rigors of testing and procedures in an attempt to rule out cancer. I was gloriously spared for now, but my poor Mellow was not. Not only does she have cancer, but it's spreading and it's causing her great pain. Let's be honest here. It's simply not fair. It's God's intention and His Will, but I still don't like it at all right now.

We all would like to spend some time together as a family before she passes. It won't dictate where she goes, or whether or not she goes. I just want to give this loving woman just a little something before she draws her final breathe. And if it benefits me to be able to hold her and tell her how I feel about her then so be it.

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