Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crafting Pet Peeves

I got thinking this morning -- Uh Oh -- and it occurred to me that I have a very strong dislike/pet peeve that involves a craft. And then I started wondering if others have little things that irk them about their crafting business, or other crafting practices.

My bugaboo is the plastic knitting looms (I'm not talking about weavers here).

Not the looms themself, as I have several I bought for my daughter to use (and she won't). I have tried them myself, but I find they aren't as mobile as my regular knitting, nor are they any faster for me.

I don't dislike the looms, or write them off completely. In fact, just a few weeks ago in JoAnn's there was a disabled lady who asked me if I knit or crocheted (I do both). She wanted to start one of those crafts, but didn't know which one; and she had some paralysis in her hands, etc. I suggested she try the round, plastic looms in the next aisle. I briefly explained how they worked, and that I believed she would have little-to-no trouble using them.

Here's where my pet peeve comes in.

I frequently see people using these looms to create items to sell, and in the description stating that they are hand knit. They do not disclose that a loom was used instead of knitting needles. My problem with this is that it takes skills, practice, patience, and talent to hand knit with needles. It also takes a lot of skill to work one of those knitting machines. Especially when intarsia comes into play.

When someone attempts to deceive or trick someone into thinking something is what it's not, well then they know the difference. And it significantly cheapens and devalues the work of knitters that don't use the cheap looms.

If you are a crafter, or have a business creating art, what practice of your fellow crafters sticks in your craw?


Jaybird Designs said...

YES!! I totally agree!!
My peeve is those new beanies and headbands that are purchased and then have flowers attached. Usually the seller leave the customer to believe that they crocheted the headbands/beanies.

Jus Shar Designs said...

Oh my gosh....that bugs me too. I think that's so deceptive.

Melaleuca Frank VanderSloot said...

I suggested she try the round,