Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer

What you are going to see:- Vibrant colour block mixing
- Lemon yellow gold tones
- Stronger shoulder/emphasis
- Volume sleeves
- Geometric lines
- Overall interpretation of drapery
- Ornate or trophy jackets
- Surface texture and sheen in fabrics
- Texture in jewellery with chunky costume and vintage pieces

Top Ten trends for Summer 2009
1. DRESSES - Easy A-line 60's shifts, dynamic Grecian drapery, asymmetric off the one shoulder styles. New tier volume tulip skirt shapes over straight longer skirts. Strapless full ethereal fairy prom skirts/dresses. Maxi dresses. Kimono sleeve dresses that morph into tunics when worn over trousers.

2. STRONG INTEREST IN SHOULDER/SLEEVE - Sleeves are truly back. Puff sleeve volume, cap sleeves, 80s batwing draped sleeves. There also kaftan drape kimono sleeves, arm-warmers and chiffon sleeves. The length of the sleeves varies, you will see cropped fuller sleeves, full-length tailored sleeves, furthermore they can be pushed or rolled to elbow. As for the shoulder line, it's expanding with a softened shoulder line, one shoulder looks and halter collier lines.

3. COLOUR - Vibrant popping electric brights compete with soft sorbet tints.
In the red range popular tones are: blush beige, warm rose, lavender, fuchsia, magenta, rust red and hot shocking pink. While in the aqua spectrum we have deep cardamom green, citron green, vibrant green, jade aqua, Santorini blue and royal lapis blue. Monochromes are represented by, slate grey, black, navy, hessian, cream and white. Last, but not least, are the key colours of, lemon yellows, tangerine, orange and antique gold.

4. GOLDEN GIRLS - Think golden days with yellow, golden buttercup, citrus, lemongrass, burnished bronze and copper and all with metallic shine and the gleam of liquid gold shimmer.

5. EXOTIC TRIBAL - Note Amer-Afro transcontinental tribal references in pattern, print and fabrics. Navajo rust-red/turquoise/brown beadwork southwest colourations. Fringe on bags, fringed boots, sandals and garments.

6. WATERCOLOUR PRINTS - Ditzy garden floral print mixes, Ikebana and exotic flora prints in a painterly manner. Animal fashion print materials also worked in non-animal bright colourways.

7. SHEER FABRICS - See through sheer areas create modest cover up looks that add intrigue.

8. RETRO JUMPSUITS - Carrot and peg top trousers versus wide leg jumpsuits. Jumpsuits as above knee playsuits.

9. TROUSERS - Harem dhoti carrot peg top style trousers with skinny ankles. Wide leg pants and boot cut jeans.

10. RETRO DENIM - Distressed looks with acid and stonewashing, ripping and fraying. Skinnies, baggies, boot cut, dark denim, pale denim, credit crunch chic of any and every denim style.

11. KNITS - Chunky cable knits in summer yarns, origami knits and extra long front wraps, superfine longer line cardigans.

12. THE ORNATE JACKET, TROPHY JACKET OR COAT - Sublime fabrics and workmanship; piping, inlay, beading, raised lace, Fortuny pleating, statement making sleeves. Texture and great cut.

13. GEOMETRY - Circles and origami folds. Drapes and pleats creating new lines and futuristic silhouettes.

14. ACCESSORIES - SHOES - Demanding high teetering taxi heels. Mixed colours and materials. Texture on shoes. Gladiator Sandals in natural tones or bold colours, as open strappy fronts on shoes and high leg fronts boots.

15. BAGS - LEATHER, PATENT - Classic bags that shine or non sheen bags dulled with raffia, wood, natural beads. Cornelli, crewel embroidery or blackwork style imagery on bags. Bags smothered in roses.

16. WIDE BELTS - Embellished buckles on gold embossed snake and lizard 'skin' belts.

17.JEWELLERY - Huge necklaces, big costume jewellery, retro and real vintage gem looks, tribal necklaces, stacked cuff bangles, massive cocktail dress rings and luxury pieces. Seek exotic brooches that reference nature.

18. HABERDASHERY ATTACHMENTS - ROSES/ FLOWERS - Flowers in 3D forms on necklaces, as accessories for dress necklines, waistlines and as hair adornment. Dress hems with roses. Rose print fabrics. BOWS - from small to mammoth adorn garments and bags. Necklaces with tie ribbon closures.

19. NAUTICAL STRIPES - Red, white and blue combinations with a European slant that suits the notion of Saucy Sailor Girls, Breton Babes, Maritime Club Med. Reinvented cruise wear.

20. TAN NO MORE - Live in your own skin whatever ethnicity. Drop fake tans or whitening options. For summer sunshine days use no more than a barely kissed gradual build sun shimmer look cream. Mahogany and orange glow tans are OUT.

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