Friday, March 27, 2009

A felter / spinner is born

I'm SO excited!

I'm going to venture into felting and spinning (drop spindle). I'm particularly excited about using my friend Nancy's sheep's fleece. She raises Icelandic sheep. They are GORGEOUS animals!

Nancy says: Icelandics produce a naturally dual-coated fleece made up of the tog, a long, lustrous outer coat similar to mohair, and the thel, a fine, soft, crimpy undercoat. These two fibers may be spun together or separated and spun separately, to produce three different types of yarn. Icelandic fleece is also one of the most prized wools for felting. The wool is low in lanolin, which means much less weight is lost during washing compared to the wool from other breeds
I do have a couple of favorite rams from Nancy's farm....

Nicholai & Midas

Aren't they handsome young men?