Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I've learned from Google Analytics

30.74% of my shop traffic is direct traffic & 47.11% is from referring sites.
The top four referring sites are:

- (jusshar)

The top keywords that directed traffic to my shop were:
-jus shar designs
-plus size shrug
-shrug plus size
-jusshar designs

Visitor Overview
From April 1 - May 31 I gained 319 visitors, but then lost 79 of them from June 1 - July 1

Top Five Visitor Locations
In June, I had 617 visitors to my shop from the United States of America.
The other 78 came from: Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany

In the USA, my top five visitor states were:
-Illinois (where I live) with 107 visitors
-California with 59 visitors
-New York with 47 visitors
-Texas with 37 visitors
-Georgia with 29 visitors

In Illinois, my top five visitor cities were:
-Bloomington with 80 visitors
-Chicago with 8 visitors
-Elgin with 3 visitors
-Loves Park with 2 visitors
-Normal with 2 visitors

So, what does all this information tell me?
1. Plus size ladies are looking to shop.
2. I get visitors from outside the USA, but now how do I get them to shop with me?
3. I have a presence (somewhere, somehow) in my local area that is bringing in traffic. Again, how do I get them to stay and shop with me?

***** Can I ask you a HUGE favor? Can you leave a blog comment on how you found me, if you were looking for anything, and where you are from? OH, and if you live outside the US, please tell me what reason (if any) would deter you from shopping with me. Thanks so much! Maybe I'll have to give someone a little somethin' somethin' from my studio for leaving a comment. :-)


Anonymous said...

I found you on Brassy Apple, trying to find more new ways to repurpose tshirts. I am from Knoxville, TN.

denise said...

hey, found you via J. Bari comments, what you said made me curious as to what you might do. So now I'll sit and drink my tea and find out more!

denise said...

ooops, forgot to tell you where I'm from...Connecticut.

Lady P said...

I found you because I wanted to make my own mannequin head and did a search on the internet for it. I knit ans sew, so I stayed to look around. How is that ad bar you have going for you? I am interested in adding that feature myself!

Mama TAVE said...

Hi there. I found you through your Wardrobe Refashion post for the pillow shams into bags. Your mentioning that you are mostly a knitter made me want to visit your site, as I have been mostly a knitter and am just now getting back into sewing. I am in Northern California.

Busters Mom said...

Found you on Warbrobe Refashion. You mentioned your blog and I checked it out. I think I will check out your Etsy shop as well.

Right now I am not shopping much. But if I were in the market I am a plus sized woman and would be looking for nice younger looking clothing for myself. I possibably could be shopping with you in the future.

I am in PA.

RecycleCindy said...

Hi, I just dropped by after seeing your link back about plarn, video tapes, and t-yarn. These are three of my favorite alternative yarns for crocheting. I'm in Washington state here in the good ole USA.

The Funny Farm said...

I found you through Wardrobe Refashion and I am in Nampa, Idaho (near Boise) CUTE STUFF!