Monday, August 24, 2009

One for me & one for you

A friend of mine is going through a rough time in her personal life, so I thought she really needed a hug from me. Since I am at least 24 hrs of driving time away from her, I thought I'd crochet a hug for her. Hence, the shawl.

I don't think she is a shawl person per say, but I can see her curled up with a book (or watching TV) with this little number wrapper around her. And even if that doesn't happen, she loves me enough to use it to make me happy. :-)

I've been getting into recycling unwanted sweaters into other knit and crochet items. The grey in the shawl above is from a recycled sweater. The blues in the shawl below is also (all cotton). Now, I could list this one in my Etsy shop, but I did have to join ends as the yarn did not unravel in one continuous strand (wouldn't that have been nice). I know, as a true knitter I should never tie/knot. I am rough on my knitwear, so I knot. A square knot, but none-the-less a knot. I'll have to think more on whether I want to sell this one or keep it for that reason.

I have two more shawls in the works from non-recycled yarns, and I'm hoping to get those listed on Friday. I have one for tomorrow that is "fall fabulous"

I'm still getting used to my son's camera. I want mine back. His does macro, but I failed miserably at it. I need to practice with it more. Have patience dear friends.

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