Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten things that are deeply wrong with me

In no particular order:

1. I don't like hard candy
2. I don't like Taco Bell. In fact, I don't like most fast food.
3. I can't whistle
4. I can't drink diet soda without coughing violently, and getting flushed in the face
5. I don't like the fact we have to wear clothes. There are days when I really hate getting dressed. I want to stay in my comfies 24/7.
6. I have great difficulty completing a knit or crochet project. This is why I don't do lacey projects, or those with great detail. I won't finish it if I do.
7. On that same vein...I don't swatch. There, I said it.
8. I don't like foods with a liquid center. It just heebs me out.
9. I don't wear silk or satin. I don't like clothes that move around while I'm wearing them.
10. I'm freaked out by reptiles and amphibians. Can't go near them, or touch them.

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