Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newest Project Runway Designer - ME

I am not known persay for my sewing. However, I have been sewing for over 25 yrs, and selling what I sew for over 10. Still, there is so much I still could learn.

That's why what Simplicity has done is so exicting for me. They have come out with Project Runway inspired patterns. And they come with a Designer Croquis Kit contained inside the pattern envelope.

Each Designer Croquis Kit has been developed to include everything you need to put your design concepts, on paper, without drawing a single line. I, right?

What you get inside the encvelope is:

* Pre-sketched fashion figure
* Proportionally-scaled design elements to mix and match
* Comprehensive step-by-step instructions
* Designer workshop techniques
* Creative approaches for realizing your inspiration

So, how many of you will be picking up one (or two) of the 24 patterns they have?

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