Saturday, June 7, 2008

Double-Wrap Knit Scarves

I've never done a tutorial, but I'm going to attempt one here. It's for my double-wrapped handknit scarves. This method makes it easy to whip out at least 2-3 scarves a day.
Click on a photo to view it larger.

I probably should have used one strand of regular ol' acrylic yarn to make it easier for you all to see details, but hopefully you'll still be able to follow along.

1. Insert your needle into the first stitch on the left needle and wrap the yarn twice around the right needle:

2. Pull both the through the stitch on the left needle just like you would if you were knitting the regular way:

3. On the next row, you are going to knit the regular way with only one yarn wrap through the first stitch of the double-wrap. When you go to slide that stitch off the left needle onto the right you will notice that it's an extra wide space between needles. That's ok...that's how it's supposed to be:

Repeat each step until you get the desired length. When you get proficient at this, try double-wrapping each row!

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