Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busting With Pride

See this lady right here ---->

Well, she is a published author. Oh yes, her crochet patterns are in a book by Leisure Arts called Top-sy Turvy. You can order a copy from Amazon by clicking on the widget in my sidebar on the right.

You might also want to stop by her blog and give her a congrats. She's so tickled with her accomplishment...as well as she should be.


KraftyMommas said...

Yea!!! Jennifer!!! I am so very PROUD too!! She's my business partner :0) Someday, I'll be saying, "I knew her "

Jaybird Designs said...

Hehehe!! Thanks ladies!! I love ya!

Momwithahook said...

All right. It's abot time. She is a very talented pattern maker. She takes garments and turns them into crochet patterns. Awesome stuff.

I like the she's wearing.