Sunday, August 15, 2010

BTS, Crochet, and Upcycling

I have FINALLY completed my first crocheted adult sweater/cardigan! The hard part now is deciding whether to keep it, or list it for sale....

I made this child's upcycled/recycled dress awhile back, but never got around to taking pictures, or listing it. This is a size 4/5/6, and it will eventually end up in my Etsy shop (until 11/30) unless someone offers to buy it before I get around to listing it. :-)
UPDATE: It IS now listed.

Last semester, I used one of my favorite L.L. Bean boat and tote bags for carrying around my school "stuff". It was very heavy due to all the books I had to lug around, so I decided to go hands-free this semester and make myself a messenger bag to sling over my chest. I used the free messenger bag pattern from Burda. I altered the pattern just a bit by widening the bag about 3" in the middle.

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