Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick and Easy Double Crochet Afghan

I had other plans for all this green yarn...a sweater.

It wasn't working up quick enough for me, so I decided to take this project in a different direction. A quickie crocheted afghan.

As you can see by the size of this hook (1/2" in diameter), this is going along quickly....how I like it.

I'm working with all worsted weight acrylics, and only using yarns from my current yarn stash. I'm sure I have more greens if I go look. And I may need to before I'm done.

Quickie instructions:
* Any worsted weight (#4 weight) yarn (double-stranded throughout)
* 650mm/ 1/2" diameter) crochet hook (there was no decimal point I might add)
* Chain as many as you like for your needs, and proceed to double crochet for desired length.

UPDATE: 9/9/10 and the afghan is done! The finished measurements are 40"x70". This is a great way to use up remnant/stash yarns, and easy enough for last minute gifts (think upcoming holidays).

And here it is on the back of the sofa, joining the other afghans I've made.

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