Saturday, February 23, 2008

Closing my eBay store

Let me start off by saying that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the boycott/strike on eBay.

It's 1) about spending $50+ a month, without selling anything, and 2) it's about not being able to get my store as full as I want it. Knitting and crocheting takes significantly more time than sewing.

In all honesty, my sell-through rate is higher on eBay, but it's not enough to keep a store open. I will still list, but probably only for group/guest launches. Everything else will be on my website and Etsy.

While you are on my website, though, check out the link Where I Sell. There are six total places I sell my wares.

Remember, the last day for my eBay store is February 29th.

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